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Tap & Barrel Takes Over Steel Toad Brewing Co Building


T & B Brewing Co To Be Born in the Opsal Building

A few days ago it leaked out that the Steel Toad Brewing Company would be closing at the end of January (2018). Steel Toad opened in the restored and rebuilt Opsal Steel Building at 1st and Quebec in 2014. When it opened it became the 3rd alcohol-first food and drink destination in Southeast False Creek; competing with Tap & Barrel and Craft Beer Market along with numerous micro breweries just up the hill in the South Main area.  The building is an awesome space, but with all that competition and such a big space Steel Toad had its work cut out for it from the start.

Tap & Barrel have bought the nearby brewpub and will rebrand it with a new sub-brand T&B Brewing Co. T&B Brewing Co. will create a “Brew Lab” where they their brewmaster, Kerry Dyson, will focus on working with other local brewers on collaboration brews.

Source: The Growler


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